#:g1: SRFI 112 on Common Lisp

Posted 2013-05-06 04:37:00 GMT

 The new SRFI (112: Environment Inquiry) proposal become draft. So I ported it to Common Lisp right away.

 新しいSRFIの提案(112: Environment Inquiry)がドラフトになったので早速CLに移植。

Examples | 実行例

;=>  "SBCL"

(implementation-version) ;=> "1.1.7" (cpu-architecture) ;=> "X86-64" (c-memory-model) ;=> NIL (system-instance) ;=> "setq" (os-type) ;=> "Linux" (os-version) ;=> "3.2.0-4-amd64"

About porting | 移植について

 SRFI 112 procedures are mostly based on Common Lisp. So just make aliases.


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